What is the Graph?

The Graph is a decentralized network of participants indexing blockchains & providing query services: decentralized Google for blockchains. Instead of a data center run by a for profit company, the Graph enables individuals to contribute computing power & electricity to run the network called Indexers. Indexers contribute their own stake, hosting costs, and technical skills to run an indexing server and earn $GRT Rewards. Individuals who hold $GRT tokens but do not have the means to run an indexer, can Delegate to one and participate in earning rewards. 

Why would people pay to query the blockchain?

Every day, tons of data is immutably written on blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with no way to find it. The closest thing we have to Googling the blockchain is using tools like Etherscan to find singular pieces of information. 

How do we earn Rewards (i.e. GRT)?

The Graph network pays indexers in 2 ways: indexing rewards & query fees. Indexing rewards are the payment indexers receive from the Graph network for indexing the blockchain & making the data available to query. Users looking to query this information, pay the network for their queries which are distributed to the Indexers as Query fees/rewards.
The rate of return for running an indexer is directly proportional to the size of the stake (indexer stake + delegations) and how long the indexer has been indexing on the network. Delegating GRT to an indexer allows someone to participate in earning rewards without having to run an indexing server. Indexers will advertise a reward cut indicating the % of rewards they keep: for example, if an indexer cut is 80%, the indexer is keeping 80% of the rewards and giving 20% to delegators. 

What is an indexing reward cut?

The indexing reward cut is the percentage of indexing rewards accumulated on a subgraph that will be distributed to the indexer. If this is set to 95%, the indexer will receive 95% of the indexing rewards pool when an allocation is closed and the delegators will split the other 5%.

What is a query fee cut?

The query fee cut is the percentage of query fee rebates accumulated on a subgraph that will be distributed to the indexer. If this is set to 95%, the indexer will receive 95% of the query fee rebate pool when an allocation is claimed with the other 5% going to the delegators.

What does it mean to delegate to us?

You want to make sure that you delegate your assets to a reliable Indexer: it should be a well-known team that values its reputation. It's undesirable for an indexer to change fees unreasonably and/or unexpectedly or to set its cool down period too high.

How long are my GRTs locked up for?

Whenever a Delegator wants to un-delegate, their tokens are subject to a 28 day un-bonding period. This means they cannot transfer their tokens, or earn any rewards for 28 days.

Why would I choose to stake GRT in this system to earn yield, rather than just use a yield farm?

There are no yield farms available for GRT, so if you’re holding GRT this is the primary/only way to stake it and earn APR.

How do I determine my rewards as a delegator?

To determine your rewards, navigate to the-graph-rewards.com. Input the amount of GRT you want to delegate and the Pioneer Digital indexer address (0x1873a56a404b21df3c69c0c105dd65b4e43d88e6). Click CALCULATE REWARDS