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Pioneer Digital provides DeFi staking services for people who want to earn interest on their crypto. Based out of Seattle, Washington, our focus is contributing to the DeFi & Web3 ecosystem by building up decentralizing protocols. Our goal is to provide easy and transparent entry into DeFi for anyone interested in contributing. Whether you’re a pro or completely new, we’re here to answer any questions to help you get involved. Feel free to reach out to us through any of the linked channels below.

We believe the future of the web is gong to be decentralized. The decentralized web is rapidly growing with over $15b locked up in DeFi protocols growing exponentially each year and we want to be a part in building up key components of that infrastructure. The Graph plays a key role in this ecosystem by allowing companies & individuals to query the information written on blockchains without building your own search engines: think Google for information written on the blockchain.

Our goal at Pioneer Digital is to provide easy & transparent access to DeFi staking. We are not an investor backed staking company, we are a group of industry professionals wanting to contribute to the decentralized web. This allows us to spend our undivided attention on improving staking protocols to provide maximum rewards for our delegators.

Join our Slack channel to get connected with us or send us a DM on twitter, we'd love to get to know you!


Billy Perez
Discord: billyp | Pioneer Digital
Bridger Zoske
Discord: bridger | Pioneer Digital
Matt Maximo

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